Understanding The Culture of Africa as A Tourist

While looking for cheap flights to Lagos or other places in Africa might appear like an attractive prospect for a budget vacation, however, the grim realities of Africa cannot be ignored. From basic requirements like exotic fruits, water contained in plastic containers, eggs, pancakes or chicken wings, to batteries, all these items are carried by people on the streets and roads, as this is a common site in African countries. The poor people of the continent will usually be seen approaching vehicles in 3, 4 or 5 at a time, sticking out their hands and faces at the windows, hardly ever smiling. Due to immense self respect, you will not see these people smiling, as they will not smile to win a client’s goodwill.

Understanding The Culture of Africa

These people have been hardened, however they are still dignified despite their hardship. These folks don’t appreciate foreigners to take their photos. Rightly, they don’t tolerate being photographed like some rare animals at risk of extinction. This is why you should always ask for permission before taking a snap of the poor folk of Africa. While you may not get such a response in the urbanized sections of African cities, however it can also be generally determined that asking for permission before taking snaps of people is a part of basic manners.

Budget Vacations in Africa

The African continent is a good place to travel for an inexpensive vacation. In recent years a number of the foremost unlikely cities in continent have become attractive tourist spots, with urban centers and tourist resorts. These include cities like Accra, Lagos, Algiers, etc. In the wake of the world recession and decline of the western commercial enterprise, African countries have become a favorite tourist attraction.

The Rich Culture of African Countries

Many African countries have people from various religious affiliations. For example, Nigeria has a huge population of Muslims, pagans and Christians. This provides a unique blend of multiple cultures in African countries which can provide an exhilarating experience for tourists.

What Places To See in Africa

African countries have a diverse range of tourist spots and every country is unique in its own way however, if you are visiting Africa the chances are that the country you are visiting will have safaris. African Safaris are famous all over the globe. Another famous aspect of African countries are beaches, as many countries have beautiful exotic beaches that can make your vacation quite enjoyable. Then there are always places like the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, the Pyramids of Egypt and the city of Damascus which is the oldest city in the world.

While there has been a rise in tourism in some less known cities of Africa, countries like Egypt are a certified paradise for tourists. Egypt’s tourism revenue accounted for a good chunk of the GDP in previous years and the Egyptian government makes great efforts to build and improve tourist facilities. Similarly, countries like South Africa have well established tourist spots with excellent tourism facilities for holiday makers.

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