Tourist Attractions and Shopping Treasures of Ghana

If you want to see the new aspect of world and to get relief from normal routine, then plan a tour to Accra or Lagos where you will enjoy a new experience of shopping as well. Different airlines offer you different packages for cheap flights to Accra from London or any other city from the world. It’s a must see place in the world.

Accra is the most the populated city of Nigeria and one of the most visited place in the beautiful African Continent. Amongst the fastest growing cities in the world, it is at number seven. It is the port city of the country. So, major export and import of the country are carried out in it. City is the backbone of the country’s economy.

There are number of shopping markets and malls to catch your attention. If you visit Accra, then don’t forget to buy different ethnic and traditional things like jewelry, clothes, pottery, handicrafts for your close ones from the busy city markets.

Price of items varies in different market, as there are many small and big shopping malls to suit your shopping needs. Accra is full of life and you can visit city in buses as well as in cabs. No doubt, the Accra cabs are bit expensive, but you can hire them in affordable prices with driver.

Your trip to Ghana

Try to visit the city in day time and don’t go alone during night time. If you want to travel in nighttime, then must go in group.  It’s better to hire some travel guide to get assistance and to understand the complex transport and travel routes in the city.

Why just Accra? Ghana has many other places to visit. In Ghana there are two views unavoidable for those who decide to know this exotic African country of Kakum National Park and its capital, Accra. If you travel by plane to Ghana Accra will be the first destination as it houses the only international airport, the Kotoka. It is a bustling and colorful, with a wide range of cultural, commercial, sport and leisure.

 For shopping, and Makola markets are the most prominent Kaneshie, where the products offered by the natives of Ashanti, as fertility dolls, original stools or bright clothing. Culturally, it is essential to visit the historic building Osu Castle, Christiansborg Castle, the Arts Centre and the Botanical Gardens, to enjoy the beach and water sports, beaches and Kokrobite Coco are the most recommended.

 Of the seven national parks that exist in Ghana, Kakum, in the south of the country, is the most visited. With an area of ​​350 square kilometers, among lush vegetation can be seen hundreds of species of birds, butterflies, mammals or primates. It has trees up to 65 meters high and has an impressive suspension bridge 350 meters long suspended 30 meters above the surface, not for the faint hearted.

The forts and castles are spread throughout the country, highlighting the fort of San Antonio in Axim, the Metal Cross, Dixcove, the San Sebastian in Shama or Cape Coast Castle, the largest entire coast.

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