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According to reported facts and figures, Lagos is the largest city of all of Africa in terms of population size. This tells visitors from all around the world of how entrancing and spell binding the scenic beauty of Lagos is – people don’t want to leave the city with such thought provoking and mind storming views, architectures, edifices and landmarks. If you are looking for cheap flights to Lagos, then you have certainly landed on the right page, because Flights for Africa provides the best deals on air travels and discounted flight packages you will ever be able to score!

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We at Flights for Africa are committed to providing true value for money to every passenger travelling to the mammoth African continent. We are entranced by the moral, cultural and ethical values of the world’s second largest continent, and we want you to witness the potential of Africa as well! Be it cheap flights to Lagos, Harare, Cape Town, Bulawayo or any other city of the African continent with an international airport, Flights for Africa provides affordable travelling solutions at just a click.

What makes travelers keep coming back to Africa?

We believe Africa has the potential to bewitch each and every single tourist belonging to every part of the world! The amazing wildlife of Kenya, wonderful people of Nigeria, spellbinding islands of Seychelles and true cultural representation of Ethiopia and Sudan is what has successfully appealed to large masses of visitors to keep coming back.

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Why is Flights for Africa providing economic flights?

Because your happiness makes us happy! We at FFA believe in providing passengers a few moments of joy, peace and bliss…away from the busy and hectic daily life schedule of the UK. Our love for Africa is never- dying, and we will do whatever it takes to get the message across to promote Africa and its mind wobbling beauty. We understand how costly it is to travel via air these days, and this is why provide you the best air travel packages to serve your traveling needs. Next time you think of visiting Africa, remember to give us a call – we will make sure you never forget the time spent in the world’s most beautiful continent.

Visit the Beautiful Places of Africa and Keep Your Expense in your Budget

Do you wish to visit Africa?

If you are planning to visit Africa or are looking forward to visit a place associated with friendly people, then beautiful tourists destinations in the mighty African continent awaits your arrival. To make holidays a memorable occasion of your life, Flights for Africa help you to make a delightful and unforgettable trip at amazing deals and offers straight from all the major airlines. So just take some holidays off from the engaged lifestyle of UK, and pamper yourself away from the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

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What Makes us different?

Our loyalty to those in love with Africa is what keeps us delivering top- notch travelling solutions. Be it Zimbabwe, Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan or perhaps Seychelles, we offer you the ticket to one of the best journeys of your lifetime. Come visit Africa, a land so beautiful, you would have to think twice before leaving! Whether you are looking for Cheap Flights to Accra, Killmanjaro, Bulawayo or Kassala, we have got the most amazing offers for flights for Africa and packages which no other substitute in the market can offer.

How do We Provide Such Entrancing Deals?

Flights for Africa offers you nonesuch packages and offers for a chance to pay the picturesque landmass of Africa a memorable visit. Due to our deep insight about the travelling industry and our well know- how with all the major landlines operating within the UK, we offer you deals nobody else in the market is able to offer.

Aiming to optimize customer satisfaction, we offer a diversified portfolio covering the whole African continent at budget- friendly airfares to provide you with limitless places you can avail the chance to visit anytime you like! We offer deals on Cheap Flights to Harare, Kisumu, Chipata or Addis Ababa – Flights for Africa gives you a chance to witness the beauty of the world’s largest continent without going heavy on your pockets. We believe in providing our customers with memories; your happiness is what keeps us evergreen., as we care to provide the best travel rates to the millions of travels, who wish to travel to such mesmerizing tourists destinations in the world.

Visit Africa, meet wonderfully benignant people worthy of a lifetime of friendship, connect to the places which have made Africa such a ravishing landmass and find yourself completely enthralled and overwhelmed by countless moments you will willingly share with everyone after you come back!

You can give us a ring at 0208 123 5972, or can visit our interactive FAQ panel if you have any further queries.

Explore the Art, Music, Nightlife and the Stunning Beaches of Africa

The best way to unwind you from the hectic work routine is to get plan a trip abroad. So if you are looking for a tourism destination to plan a trip to, then Africa is a surely a place that you would love to explore. After the FIFA world cup, a lot people who have not previously visited the continent described their time in Africa as an amazing one. This was the first step towards the boosting and blooming tourism culture in Africa. Thus you can book flights to Lagos or other cities to indulge yourself into true African culture.

Today there are a lot of African cities that provide a wonderful opportunity for enjoyment and adventure for travelers coming from all over the world. Lagos the capital city of Nigeria has become a pretty popular tourist destination and holds its importance when it comes to the tourism culture in Africa. Due to the blooming economy and tourism situation of Lagos, people from all over the world travel for business trips, conferences, seminars and lastly for having a perfect holiday to themselves. Some of the popular destinations to visit in Lagos include the Tafawa Balew Square and Badagry. Besides the scenic beauty of the city, other things like the transport facility, accommodation are also available at pocket friendly prices. The food of the city is also very unique and is eaten by tourists with a lot of delight.

Other than Lagos, there are other cities in Africa that have become a popular tourism hub for travelers. Amongst all such cities, Accra is a place that travelers from worldwide love to visit. It’s not only the capital city of Ghana but is also a famous port city of it which is why a lot of people visit it to discover the taste of its natural beach beauty but also like to indulge into its nightlife culture.

The city is home to worldly attractions including contemporary African art and music along with luxuries in the form of 5 star hotels such as La Palm Royal and Move n Pick Ambassador Hotel. Thus, whether you want to have a sun bath at the wonderful Accra beaches or you want to enjoy the Nightlife, Accra has got it all to provide you with the most amazing travelling experience of your life. Along with these facilities you will get to taste some of the most amazing food around the city, which adds to yet another interesting flavor to visit this city.

All the major airlines such as Qatar airways, Air France, China Airways, Etihad, Gulf Air, Jet Airways, Kingfisher provide flights to Accra and Lagos for you to be able to enjoy and explore these amazing African cities at the most economical rates. The flights fly throughout the week all the year around, which means that whenever you want you can avail the opportunity to travel to the beautiful African continent for yourself.  So what are you waiting for, book your flight to these popular African cities through our impeccable service and enjoy your trip in a perfectly smooth way.

Visit Flights for Africa and Start your Best Venture

The Owen Roberts International Airport (HRE) would be your ultimate destination, once you choose the best flights to Harare. Roberts International Airport is the easiest way to land in Harare, whether you opt for a for an outstanding visit to this fabulous tourist destination or want to enjoy the adventure tourism in the suburbs of the capital city.

We provide the best flight tariff for every occasion, whether you are a businessman, an adventurer, or just passing through this ravishing African city. Moreover, we give you an option to choose the right flight package which suits your travel needs.  And never compromise on your comfort, as we only deal with the best flights in the world.

We take pride to offer special travel incentives to thousands of our valued customers and guide them accordingly. Choosing a favorable and budget friendly air ticket is not so hard if you visit “flights for Africa” and get a detailed info related to all the key tourist destinations in Africa.

Why Harare?

Why would you search for the best flights to Harare? Or settle an ultimate holiday package. The answer is simple, as the city represents the true identity of the African culture and showcase the best tourist destinations in the city. Harare is quite famous for its multicultural society and temperate environment.

Harare is a great place to see the African wildlife. From crocodiles to zebras and giraffes, every animal can be seen in its natural habitat.

But things can go wrong, if you lack a proper travel budget or spend too much on your air ticket. In most scenarios, travelers spend enough money on buying expensive air tickets and ruin their entire holiday, as you face financial loss during traveling. But if you choose the best travel package and get some appropriate information related to the desired destination, then enjoying in less budget is quite possible.

The fascinated attractions

Immensely varied terrain and key tourist attractions will grab your attention. Harare not only attracts the domestic African tourists, but attracts millions of foreigner tourists.

Picturesque culture and unique nature reserves in the neighboring areas provides and inspiring experience. But everything has its own cost, hence you need to pay for an ultimate holiday escape. And if you are unable to save some money for the air ticket, then it’s nearly impossible to enjoy your trip at this mini paradise.

Call us for a quick reservation and our help desk will help you at their best. From flight information to the best travel packages available, you get your seat reserved on time at your own home.

Zimbabwe is the most enchanting place on earth where a tourist can enjoy a stress free time near the tranquil nature reserves and wildlife parks. Moreover, if you have a failure for hiking or river adventure then you can go and visit the most adventure places in the country and spend some good time with your fiends and family.

Dense forests, wetlands, rivers, dunes and lakes of Zimbabwe will definitely charm you and force to prolong your stay.

Beaches, Architecture and Colorful Partying Culture: Africa has it All

Vacation comes once a year and to be able to thoroughly enjoy and relax yourself from the daily work routine, it’s recommended to properly plan your vacation. So if you are looking to enjoy your holidays away from the busy life then you can consider flying to the beautiful African continent.  To make your travelling experience the most memorable one for you and your loved ones, we at “flights for Africa” offer the most economic airfares through flights to Accra.

Some of the popular places that you can visit in the beautiful African continent are as follow:


Accra being the capital city of Ghana is famous for its cocoa and gold exports. Being a business hub, it gets travelers flying to its airport from all around the world. Business activities, historical places and architecture along with the stunning natural beaches make this city one of the most popular tourism destinations in Africa.

Some of the must go places of Accra include the National Museum, the Osu Castle and lastly the most important and fun filled Labadi Beach. Hence, whether you are a history enthusiast or an adventure kind of a person, visiting Accra would provide you with a rejoicing experience of your life.


Harare, the capital city of Zimbabwe has got everything from the widespread metropolis, huge buildings, Afro West culture and scenic locations to provide you with a true and colorful African experience. Just like Accra, it is also the financial hub of Zimbabwe which is why businessmen along with tourists prefer fly to this part of the world.

The places to visit in Harare include its famous national Herbarium and Botanical Gardens, Mukuvisi Woodlands, National Gallery and National Archives. Along with these key attractions, you can also explore the local partying culture around the city by roaming around its shopping places. “Flights for Africa” provide Flights to Harare all the year around for you to explore this beautiful city of Zimbabwe.


Logos, being the port city of Nigeria, is famous for its wonderful beaches. This is one of the reasons why a lot of travelers fly to it from all over the world. Some of the popular beaches to visit in Lagos include the Leeki Beach, Alpha Beach and Eleko Beach.

Along with these beaches, there is also a manmade beach that you can visit from Tazan Jetty or under Falomo Bridge located on the Victorian Islands. The unique feature of this beach is that has got its community of friendly residents. By visiting these beaches you can go fishing, or participate in different water activities like water skiing, Jet skiing and various other water sports.

Just like Accra and Harare, you can also grab flights to Lagos from flights for Africa to experience the most comfortable and relaxing trip to this beautiful Nigerian Port city. From British Airways, Etihad Airways to Lufthansa, We cover all the major airlines to provide you with the most feasible travelling and tourism package for your requirements. So what are you waiting for? Call us right now and book a ticket to your favorite African destination!

Don’t Just Plan Your Next Holiday, Get the Best Deal at Flights for Africa

From the ancient temples of Luxor in North, to the mesmerizing coastal city of Port Elizabeth in South, the African continent has a rich heritage, ancient sites and best natural resources. It comprises of those places where nature still exists in its real form. African deserts and safaris are considered the best adventure places in the entire world, and its national parks provide a natural habitat to the millions of wild animals and rare species on globe. All in all, these factors become a vital reason to book cheap flights to Accra from UK from “Flights for Africa”, as millions of travelers get the most economic airfare to their best African tourist destinations.

We, at Flights for Africa provide unbeatable airfare and a perfect flight plan to the millions of adventure crazy tourists, who are always keen to visit these marvelous African destinations. Flights for Africa is the right online portal to find the most economic airfare, if you care to spend a little on traveling and more on shopping during a memorable holiday escape in Africa.

Here you can find the right deals on right time, whether it’s a festive season at the end of the year, early spring season, or late summers. Africa is a continent where you can enjoy the best tourism activities throughout a year and our 24/7 service is all time set to facilitate you.  So book your best bargain flight and let us serve you our best services. We offer special deals for couples, families and large groups. So if you are planning to through a birthday party to the a new destination in Africa, or want to surprise your girl friend, then book you cheap flight and fly to Africa as soon as possible.

Africa is comparatively cheap and provides greatest natural ambiance to manipulate your holiday experience. It’s not a bad idea if you start exploring new avenues and destinations in this unique continent on earth. You can book your cheap flights to Accra from UK and visit Accra, or divert your travel plan to some neighboring countries and tourist attractions in the central region.

If you have flair for adventure sports, skiing or other water sports then Atlantic coastal cities near the western borders of Africa are ideal for you. Similarly, if you want to spend some quality time on the romantic beaches near Indian Ocean, then choose the best flight plan to Denis Island and Mahe Island in Seychelles.

Overall, African tourist destinations are best and worth visiting, especially if you are a travel freak and love to explore new and exciting place around the world. Apart from other tourist destinations in the world, African tourist spots are less populated and quite attractive. So if you are planning a holiday escape then let us provide you the best airfare at an affordable cost. Visit Flights for Africa and see how things can work for you, here you will find many good options, as we facilitate every customer and give value to their aspirations.

Understanding The Culture of Africa as A Tourist

While looking for cheap flights to Lagos or other places in Africa might appear like an attractive prospect for a budget vacation, however, the grim realities of Africa cannot be ignored. From basic requirements like exotic fruits, water contained in plastic containers, eggs, pancakes or chicken wings, to batteries, all these items are carried by people on the streets and roads, as this is a common site in African countries. The poor people of the continent will usually be seen approaching vehicles in 3, 4 or 5 at a time, sticking out their hands and faces at the windows, hardly ever smiling. Due to immense self respect, you will not see these people smiling, as they will not smile to win a client’s goodwill.

Understanding The Culture of Africa

These people have been hardened, however they are still dignified despite their hardship. These folks don’t appreciate foreigners to take their photos. Rightly, they don’t tolerate being photographed like some rare animals at risk of extinction. This is why you should always ask for permission before taking a snap of the poor folk of Africa. While you may not get such a response in the urbanized sections of African cities, however it can also be generally determined that asking for permission before taking snaps of people is a part of basic manners.

Budget Vacations in Africa

The African continent is a good place to travel for an inexpensive vacation. In recent years a number of the foremost unlikely cities in continent have become attractive tourist spots, with urban centers and tourist resorts. These include cities like Accra, Lagos, Algiers, etc. In the wake of the world recession and decline of the western commercial enterprise, African countries have become a favorite tourist attraction.

The Rich Culture of African Countries

Many African countries have people from various religious affiliations. For example, Nigeria has a huge population of Muslims, pagans and Christians. This provides a unique blend of multiple cultures in African countries which can provide an exhilarating experience for tourists.

What Places To See in Africa

African countries have a diverse range of tourist spots and every country is unique in its own way however, if you are visiting Africa the chances are that the country you are visiting will have safaris. African Safaris are famous all over the globe. Another famous aspect of African countries are beaches, as many countries have beautiful exotic beaches that can make your vacation quite enjoyable. Then there are always places like the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, the Pyramids of Egypt and the city of Damascus which is the oldest city in the world.

While there has been a rise in tourism in some less known cities of Africa, countries like Egypt are a certified paradise for tourists. Egypt’s tourism revenue accounted for a good chunk of the GDP in previous years and the Egyptian government makes great efforts to build and improve tourist facilities. Similarly, countries like South Africa have well established tourist spots with excellent tourism facilities for holiday makers.

Growth of The Nigerian Tourism Industry

With a population of more than half a million, Lagos is the largest city of Nigeria. Furthermore, Lagos is also the economic hub of Nigeria and has developed a reputation of a lucrative tourist hub for budget vacations. This is why cheap flights to Lagos from UK has become quite a realistic prospect as cheap flights for Nigerian cities can be acquired from various European countries.

Nigeria has a hot and humid climate and a vast coastline with sandy beaches. There seems to have been an interest in tourism related investment in Nigeria over the past few years which has given boost to its tourist industry. It can be argued that Nigeria has better tourist spots and vacationing areas than ever before. This is because many of the most beautiful places in Nigeria have become easier to access due to better transport facilities and availability of accommodation near attractive tourist spots.

As we all know, tourism industry can be very profitable, especially if seasoned with a hint of branding. The tourism potential of a country has to do not only with its attractive landscape, cultural or culinary, but also with the image it sells itself. And when selling a country, the first letter presentation is often as simple as a logo.

When it comes to Nigeria, many believe that it only has an image problem, which is one of the biggest hindrance in attracting more tourists to Nigeria. Negative news regarding Nigeria and a backward outlook that is depicted on international news channels has played a major role in demonizing Nigeria. Such negative news often lead to repelling potential tourists from Nigeria. Whereas, many areas in countries like UK and USA are often no go areas or areas with a high crime rate. However, such areas are often not highlighted by the mass media and the emphasis is mainly on developing countries, when it comes to showing a culture as backward and barbaric.

This is not only the problem with Nigeria but many Asian and African countries which despite their rich culture, historical places and other excellent tourist facilities are painted in a negative light on international (western) media channels. This seems like a deliberate strategy which comes from a colonial mindset that depicts certain nations as backward and unprogressive, with high crime rates. The fact is that many cities like Islamabad have a lower crime rate than most metropolitan (western) cities. Likewise, countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Vietnam, etc have good tourism facilities that can cater for all kinds of tourists. While countries like Spain have seen a decline in their tourism industry due to the global financial crisis, countries in Asia and Africa have seen better tourism in recent years as people are now looking for budget vacations in countries which are cheaper than other famous tourist hot spots.

This also means that the depreciated value of the currencies of Asian and African countries have made them more lucrative for tourists from other continents than well known tourist hubs.

Visit Flights for Africa for the Most Suitable Airfare

Flying to Accra for the very first time or looking for a budget friendly airfare to the lively city of Harare?  Flights for Africa is the best portal where you can get the most appropriate and cheap flights to Accra, Harare or any other tourist destination of the region.

African tourism and safaris

Africa is the best place to be with your friends and family. The natural landscape and isolated tourist places in the middle and the southern region of the continent are good reasons to spend more time and enjoy your trip.

The central African states are considered to be the cheapest tourist places on the globe. And the beauty of these states is unquestionable. So explore every corner of this exotic and amazing region and choose the city or country you like the most. Africa is famous for its wildlife, national parks and safaris. The natural habitat of the African wildlife is best seen in the famous central countries and sub Saharan region in the north.

We provide the best flight fare to the various destinations in Africa. Nowadays budget friendly traveling and tourism is booming like never before. Millions of tourists visit such outstanding destinations where they can enjoy affordable luxuries and amentias, along with the splendid sights and sounds of the exciting places.

Book your flight and fly Africa

Plan your next vacation to the exotic and sumptuous tourist resort and make a memorable return trip to Africa. We have the right options for you, if you are planning a trip to this mighty continent. Buy affordable air tickets of the famous flight carriers, operating in Africa. Even if you are planning a trip before a big holiday season, then we have the right options available for you. We can provide you best substitute to an expensive travel package. Moreover, you can asses and compare the prices of our air fares to the key destinations in the region.

Use our search engine to find the most suitable time and airfare. You can also check the fares to the famous flight destinations and compare the prices with similar services. No doubt, these prices aren’t consistent and fluctuate with time. But still provide a great relieve to those tourists who are unable to find an affordable air ticket to make their way to Africa.

We at Flights for Africa provide latest deals and packages for our valued customers. And make sure our customers get the best deals ever, whether they are looking for cheap Flights for Accra or want to visit Cape Town for their summer vacations. Just visit the site and enter your dates for departure and arrival at any destination of your choice and let us serve your at our best.

It’s recommended to book in advance if you want to enjoy carefree traveling to your ideal tourist destination. Furthermore, you can also save a huge amount, which you may spend on buying an expensive air ticket to Africa. Don’t worry about last minute changes, as we can take care of your final changes. Discounted flight rates and relaxing journey to the Africa in now possible, as you can find the most suitable and budget airfare through our tourist friendly travel site.

Make an Unforgettable African Journey, Discover the Unseen Places

Going on African vacation?? But what is the most comfortable, faster or more convenient to get to your destination? And the fastest is both the best? Definitely a fast airplane can take you to a mesmerizing tourist escape. So take the opportunity and book your affordable flights to Accra at Flights for Africa, as we provide the best flight tickets to best destinations in Africa.

Witness the beauty of the unique places of Africa and make your trip an unforgettable journey as you book your cheap flight today. Fights for Africa provide outstanding travel opportunities to many African tourist destinations. You can choose the best flight plan and visit the most ravishing tourist places with your friends and family.

We provide the accurate information related to possible flights to the most famous destinations in the regions. Moreover, give complete information to the best travel routes and tourists places in the continent hence a tourist feels privileged to traveling in our recommended airlines.

Exotic destinations and best airlines

An exotic holiday is nearly impossible if the holiday package exceeds your overall budget. Moreover, if you are looking for a last minute reservation, then we can help you to make a perfect plan.

By air, the trip to do the whole family is shorter and arrives at their destination faster. The flight is exciting for many children. Often there is an entertainment program for children. Once you get the best travel deal and leave the terminal, then you don’t concentrate on driving or other travel hazards.

Some useful tips to make wonderful trip

In order to avoid stress, you need to visit the check-in counter and try to do it the day before your departure. To avoid the rush diligence to come before the airport, you must visit the terminal.  If wearing only hand luggage to keep in mind the requirements of the company with which you fly, the sizes and the maximum weight of each suitcase. In some companies can also raise a bag of food for the baby. There are some companies that offer facilities for children with special seats or beds for babies up to 6 months.

Remember that the food on board is not cheap, and usually have only a few snacks. Normally low cost companies can take something to eat, so it is cheaper if you are hungry in the clouds. Some airlines like Ryanair allow online check. Think that if you lose, you can pay up to 40 € touch to make it back to the airport. It is therefore very important that you find on these specific points and additional costs in advance and not at the airport a few minutes before flying.

For the flight becomes a nightmare, you enter attentive to all the little traps airlines such as fees or baggage, so that eventually the bill will not come out more expensive than anticipated. So better consult Flights for Africa and get enjoy a carefree trip to African destinations in your required budget.